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The Golden Business Solution

ASA Online "Old networkers Don't Die They Just Burn Out!" - The Golden Business Solution!

A Survival Plan For New and Seasoned Burned Out Marketers Who Want To Thrive and Succeed.

This is the book you and your team have been waiting for!!

BEFORE you join another MLM company; read this book!
BEFORE you build another networking team; read this book!
BEFORE you spend another dime on tools; read this book!
BEFORE you contact your friends and family; read this book!
BEFORE you burn yourself out again; read this book!


Mason Weaver

Foreword By Mason Weaver

I have known Casper for many years and his insight into the industry of Network Marketing is spot on. His explanation of the Networker profile types and Survival Strategies are fascinating. As you go through this book you will positively define yourself and your business.

Most books you read once and put on your book shelf. This book will be one you should keep close at hand and refer to often. I am confident that it will help you thrive and succeed in your Network Marketing business.

Dr Fran Clark

Foreword By Dr Fran Clark (Master Team Builder, Mentor and Coach)

Vince Lombardi, considered by many to be one of the all-time greatest football coaches in history, was made famous by his passion for the value of Basics in his game. It is said that each year he would begin the practice series with the phrase, ?Gentlemen, this is a football!?

Casper, has written a book that may make him the Vince Lombardi of Network Marketing. ?The Golden Business Solution? is an excellent book on the Basics of Success in MLM. Mastery of the Basics is the key to solving the most difficult of applications in any Field of endeavor. I highly recommend this book to new and seasoned networkers alike.

Deborah Smith

Foreword By Deborah Smith

What an amazing book! Casper clearly explains the traps that causes burn out, but also provides great information on how burnout can be prevented. The book is an easy read but packed with critical information for networkers. He draws you in to his personal life and shares his experiences and the honest impact it has had on him.

The book is written with a very tasteful sense of humor which makes it an easy read. It would be a mistake to think only networkers should read this book. This book is a must read for everyone. I am sorry I did not have this book when I started my career; if I had my life would be significantly different and so would my financial situation. This book is an invaluable asset. Application of these principles could rebuild our middle class. Regardless of the title this book is about life.

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Book Reviews

Cheryl Stockham - To my husband, I am extremely proud of you. The information you have put together in this book is very stimulating. After reading the book I found it to be just what a budding entrepreneur needs to experience growth in their business. For those who currently find themselves experiencing burn-out; they will be stimulated to re-group and start again. Thank you for having the courage to put this book out there to help stimulate greatness for all who choose to read it.


Katarina Hofbaur Katarina Hofbaur - "You can not choose your family, but you can choose your friends." I was very lucky to have found Casper as my sponsor and business partner. He is very helpful and we work together very well. This book is the culmination of his hard work and I am very proud to be a part of it.


Donald Murphy - I?ve been involved as customer or Business Builder in the industry of Network Marketing for more than 15 years. When I reached chapter 10 it dropped me to my knees and brought tears to my eyes because I almost lost my Wife, family, and hit rock bottom because I did not have the ?Balance? it spoke about in my life. This book has been has been very enlightening. Bravo!!
Susan McCoy Susan McCoy - This is a great book to have at the start of your business. It has given me the tools and map to navigate the success road of network marketing. This book is alive with situations, people and tools; you can use to master your goals and dreams. Kept this one close, it will be essential to your success.


Adrienne Lee Adrienne Lee - Casper has explored the MLM genre for many years and it shows. This book includes everything you will ever need to know about MLM and more! If you are planning on getting into this type of business and marketing then this is the newest roadmap that you must follow. I highly suggest you read this book before starting your networking business as it will direct you to the mindset, the marketing, and the ultimate journey of the multi-level-marketing experience.
Charles Wood Jr. Charles Wood Jr. - I really enjoyed the information provided in this book. I was amazed at how much experience Casper has in network marketing and how he has gone through, years ago, what most of us are going through right now. There were a number of topics in the book that spoke directly to me and encouraged me to improve myself and the way I do business. I will read this book again and again to remind myself what I need to do to stay on track for success. Thank you Casper for your willingness to share!


Barbara Ekstr?m Barbara Ekstr?m - For those who previously worked with Network Marketing and have not achieved financial freedom, this book can really help you to easily understand how to carry out the work to achieve the long awaited success in your business. For those who are new to the business, the book will be an invaluable source of information not to do mistakes that beginners usually make. This book will be a fantastic handbook with easily understandable examples of how work is done, step by step. An invaluable handbook!


Mayola Luster Mayola Luster - I have been working to build a successful Home Base Business for the last 15years. I have read many books and listened to many motivational tapes over those years.

Reading this book has opened my eyes to the error of my ways. Thanks Casper for pointing out, and I quote, ?Remember no one can teach what they have not experienced. Only those who have gone before you can teach you how to get there.?


Dan Williquette Dan Williquette Thank you, I truly enjoyed reading your book and attending the webinar training. Casper You are a true blessing to this industry and I look forward to more of your work in the future.
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